It's not easy being green--unless you are a total DITZ!

Is Cameron Diaz one of Al "Jesus" Gore's "foot soldiers"? Apparently so.

Cameron Diaz was recently quoted as saying that she's really just "a tree-hugger at heart", nothing new coming from her, since she has been wearing an activist hat for awhile now (and not really knowing what the hell she is saying)... she was making the comment when interviewed about Live Earth, a music concert which was held today in an effort to increase awareness of global warming †.

Ms. Diaz's interviewer asks how she is looking forward to the event, what it will entail, and why it's important to her.

"It's a big party. [Laughs] It's to bring awareness and have a kick-off, basically. But it's a big party. Having these concerts I think is a way to just kick off what is going to be the next step of the movement...."
Cameron rambles on, peppering her answers with "like", and "you know", and giggling quite a bit more than necessary for kind of a serious interview, but totally true to her form.

"I keep thinking of it as a sort of premiere party for this campaign which, once we get through the concert — which is going to be a lot of fun and everybody's going to come together and hopefully become more aware of what's going on — we're setting the ball in motion."
Apparently, she had written the foreword for a book about going green, The Green Book: The Everyday Guide to Saving the Planet One Simple Step at a Time, something I can hardly believe because the woman can barely speak without uttering something ridiculous, so I could not imagine her writing anything intelligent.

Obviously, Ms. Diaz is using her celebrity to get the word out about the cause, nothing wrong with that, though I doubt she would be involved if she wasn't currently featured in her own MTV show, Trippin, and one can only wonder where she gets the time to devote to the cause, in between her very important work of recording voiceovers for Shrek I and 12(how many will there be?). However, as some may recall, earlier this year she did attend a training course taught by Al Gore about how to "give a slideshow presentation to about 1,000 people".

Golly, does it take a special kind of idiot who doesn't know how to do a slideshow, that Al Gore has teach your ass? I don't know! I thought idiots showed slideshows of photos from their grandkids and trips to the Poconos over cocktails to their neighbors every weekend in this country!

In any case, Cameron is then asked what measures she personally takes, to do her part in acting "envrionmentally responsible".

She says that she pays for carbon offset (which is total b.s. by the way), and monitors "my energy consumption, how much power I use, how much I run the water, set my thermostat, my recycling, my car — I drive a Prius. I do my carbon offsetting for my travels because I travel so much. My travel agent just basically tallies it as I go."

Oh. OK. So you're saying that if I drive a Ford Expedition SUV that gets 15mpg around the country several times a week I could just pay someone to plant a few hundred trees in my name, and that would magically absolve all my environmental sins? Wow. Now if I could just afford to hire an agent to tally up all those miles for me, then whip a few thousand dollars out of thin air to pay for all them trees, I'd be well on my way to being as GREEN as you Cameron! I'd have it made.

Cameron was prompted to offer advice to people who want to "go green" but don't know where to start....

Diaz: "Well, in about a month-and-a-half there is going to be a lot of information related to this campaign. Also, you know, we have the Internet. If you can pull up like, who's having sex with who [laughs] — you can definitely pull up how to save energy. It does just start with the basics. It starts with being aware of your consumption, your energy consumption. There are a slew of products as far as recycling goes."
Wow. I'm totally enlightened now and I think I could get started tomorrow, based on those tips! Wait. Do you look up who is having sex with who FIRST or is that AFTER I buy a hybrid car? Did we ask, "How does Cameron Diaz use the internet?" No.


I have to go now. I need to like, you know, go look up who is having sex with who, I mean... how to conserve energy. Now, how exactly shall I phrase my search in, like, Google?

† Liberal propaganda

Photo credit: Photorazzi/Tom Walck

OK folks...

I'm officially putting this blog on hiatus for awhile. It might be 2 months, it might be a year.


You may have noticed the lack of posts at this blog. Well there's not been much going on in Hollyweird that I could consider newsworthy. Besides, Hollyweird doesn't care about America, so why should I care about IT?'s the latest:

DATELINE: Late September, 2005 - ABC TV Studios, NY, NY. - Hilary Supporters Hootin' & Hollerin' About new ABC TV Show

Well kiddies, if the thought of having a woman president of our country isn't enough to make you cringe, how about making her just like Geena Davis? If the new ABC TV show, "Commander in Chief" makes a big splash it's possible that it would cause many Americans to get the notion into their heads that it could be a reality for the future of our country. Wouldn't that be fun? Not. Then Hilary supporters could use that as part of their rallying cry, "Well they did it on TV!" According to this article, it's bound to happen that way. I hope not. I think that if people really wanted a woman president of the United States, it could have well happened by now. Really. How come a decent non-lefty female hasn't tried running in the past? I'm serious. Call me an anti-feminist if you want. I could care less about the TV show, but if Hilary Clinton ever took office I seriously doubt I'd be one iota happy about it. Okay, well maybe...only for the simple fact that it may open the doors for future female candidates, but I really think that being the leader of the free world is a man's job. One thing to note...if the casting people at ABC were trying their best to make their star role's choice a close match to Hilary Clinton, well they were right on with that. Geena Davis may not be a dead ringer for Hil, but she certainly has the jowls for it...which is one step in the right direction. Now, if only she was a freaking lunatic, then she'd totally fit the bill.

DATELINE: Saturday, July 9, 2005 - St. Paul, MN

DVD Review Redux

OK I was gonna review these three recently released DVDs. So I let my Photoshop brush touch 'em...a little. So what? So sue me!

In Good Company
Starring Dennis Quaid, Scarlett
Johanssen and Topher Grace

The Last Samurai
Starring Tom Cruise

The Motorcycle Diaries
Starring some Che Guevera wannabe

DATELINE: Monday, June 27, 2005 - Rosie O'Donnel's Blog

So Rosie O'LumpyPants said a bit about Oprah being denied access to Hermes...
And then said that Tom Cruise was wrong (which is true). This blog entry of Rosie's promptly ensued over 690 comments about the whole thing.

Thanks to Dr. PhatTony for pointing out R's web site to me!

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